DAY 29 – 10/13/2012 Acadia National Park

I think I know how I would describe the difference between two of Maine’s parks that we’ve visited – Baxter State Park and Acadia National Park.

Beautiful Acadia

Beautiful Acadia

We’ve been to both very recently. They look somewhat different. Baxter has taller mountains and Acadia is by the ocean. I say ‘somewhat different’ because they are, after all, in the same state and not all that far from each other. Less than 200 miles. So the vegetation looks quite similar and both have a lot of rocks.

But, in other ways they are very different. Baxter is a vast, undeveloped wilderness. You can lose yourself in the wild for a long time. (But, of course, the rangers still need to know where you’re going and for how long. If you go missing they will eventually start looking for you. And probably charge you for the expensive search process!)

imagesAcadia, on the other hand, is a great, happy playground for grown ups! It’s quite beautiful, like Baxter, and they try to keep it as wild as possible. But there are hundreds of well-marked and well-used trails to hike.

On the Acadia Carriage Roads

On the Acadia Carriage Roads

At Eagle Lake in Acadia

At Eagle Lake in Acadia

Many, many miles of carriage roads to bike on. Rock climbs to scramble and rock climbs on which to use your advanced skills and ropes.

Lakes, streams, ponds and brooks abound. There’s a sand beach and long, rocky shores to explore.

Giant cruise ship in Frenchman's Bay

Giant cruise ship in Frenchman’s Bay

You can fly over, helicopter over, sail around and drive around all the scenic areas in Acadia.

People take charter buses and even cruise ships to get there. Nothing is really inaccessible. And, it’s so much fun! All the happy vacationers at Acadia are friendly and relaxed – because they’re at the playground!

Another beautiful, rocky trail. See that blue mark? That's the way up and over left!

Another beautiful, rocky trail. See that blue mark? That’s the way up and over left!

Oh, there are friendly people at Baxter also. But, when you come across a person at Baxter, you greet each other almost with surprise. “Oh, look, another person!”

In Acadia, people abound. And it’s lovely. Maine is a place that we travel to quite a bit so we’ll be going back to Acadia, taking some nieces with us!

– Jane

2 responses to “DAY 29 – 10/13/2012 Acadia National Park

  1. I hope you are loving it. That is a beautiful lake. Great job taking care of yourselves. Those memories are priceless.

  2. They sure are! I think that this trip will be remembered as one of the highlights of life. Wish we could bring everyone along with us!

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