Daily Archives: October 1, 2012

Barriers: The Truck Again

Funny.  I always seem to roll around on the ground in parking lots at the right time.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but noticed that the bumper had pinched a wire against the hitch.  Not enough to cut it apart…but maybe it caused a short?  Yup, checking the lights (truck and Tramper), showed NO BRAKE LIGHTS.   Can’t drive like that (we were at CVS getting new passport pics)…so, check and swap the fuse.  (My spares are back at Bob’s in the camper, so I took out the running light 15 amp and put it into the Brake spot.)  CLoser inspection showed I had a Left turn signal and  brake light, but nothing on the Right.

Got home, added the Running light fuse.  Still no R signal.  I have quite a selection of tools and was graced by the invitation to use Dale’s garage space.  The cheap little diagnostic light with a wire and alligator clip at one end and a pointy probe at the other includes a lightbulb in between.  It showed me I had bright light before the little black Toyota trailer thingy, but dim after…  Bought a new one at the RV Store for $12.99 and fiddled/taped for awhile.  WOOHOO, all lights work.  I will not stand for or drive a trailer whose lights don’t work; all of ’em!

Oh yeah, also had Andrew’s help the day before putting the new springs, Cargo Springs, on the 4Runner.  I like it here.  People live and solve the problems of life: food, shelter, transportation.  I think there is a clear knowledge of Season.  It is Fall, there are things to do before Winter.  The springs took us under 2 hours to put in and the camaraderie of working with a peer is great.  I enjoyed it enough to ask for work today.  We again shared the calm meditative state only “working” can provide.  I helped Andrew stack cordwood for drying.

Yes, with Cargo Springs the truck is back at factory height.  I think it had sagged over its 17 years.  The back is about 1 1/2 inches higher now; Can’t wait to plop the trailer on it in the morning and see how far down it goes!

– David

“The Movie of the Road”

…here’s a little slideshow

On the Interstate, My mind and eyes are never relaxed.  On these backroads, I am breathing, thinking, musing about life and generations of lives.  I meet PEOPLE in the stores.

– David

Some flower pics…

It’s raining for the second day here in Augusta. So, I’m cooking dinner for 5 in the Tramper and decided to see if I could load my slideshow of wildflowers I’ve seen on the Voyage.

It has sound, too.

Oh, rats! If you make it fullscreen it’s a bit blurry. It’s my first time making an iPhoto slideshow and I spent 2 days trying to make it work. It’s good enough… I’m done

– Jane