DAY 33 – 10/17/2012 Beautiful New Hampshire

Over 1 month on the road! Woo Hoo! And we still like each other! Double Woo Hoo!

We left finally left Maine and headed to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for some hiking. We had a special treat in Maine. My brother’s new wife, Laurie, was visiting from her soon-to-be-former home in Michigan.



(Yes, they are happily married and live in separate states for now. Don’t ask!)

Laurie is wonderful and we had fun together. Bob is a very lucky man!

We drove into New Hampshire looking for some mountain hiking. We found it in a peak called Blue Mountain. It’s

Had to post this pic of my brother. He, for once, doesn't have that "ax murderer" face on!

Had to post this pic of my brother. He, for once, doesn’t have that “ax murderer” face on!

in the Mt Chocorua Scenic Area on the southern edge of White Mountain National Forest.

We started the hike rather late in the day but the sun was still fairly high in the sky.

The woods were beautiful and, as usual for New England, there were many water features. Lovely little babbling brooks tumbling down the mountain.





Until at last we hit the summit!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Phew! That was work!

A little irony at the peak!

A little irony at the peak!

The "view" from the top

The “view” from the top

I say ‘work’ but really, it’s just fun! Breathing the clean air, hiking through the lovely autumn woods with the person you love. What’s ‘work’ about that?

Every day, we appreciate this trip. It’s an indulgence, sure, but it’s also an amazing way to live life for a while. We feel more like humans on a beautiful planet than workers making a nest egg and not a whole lot else.

We worked hard at making it happen and took an enormous chance, doing this trip. But it’s so worth it! Maybe some of our readers will be inspired to find a way to make it happen for them??

Our day ended as it always does – returning home to the Tramper. Night was falling fast as we came off the mountain and a waxing crescent moon shone over our little aluminum home…

– Jane

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