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DAY 45, 10/29/2012 Moved out of Camp…

We had a quiet night despite building winds and storm anxiety.  I always try to block and limit the hysteria generated by the media.  I know my risks, make my choices and get to live with them.  We have had 4 DAYS of building concern and hype.  This has allowed time our forefathers wouldn’t have had to actually prepare our properties or to worry ourselves sick.  We have confab-ed with Olivia, talked about cat boxes on basement landings, sump pump contingencies and our own decision tree (no pun intended).

By noon today, it still hasn’t rained here yet.   Sorry Baltimore, I know you are getting it now.  But I have chosen a house made of Aluminum and the big bad wolf has not yet arrived here.  We had time to have a relaxed outdoor cookout of fork-held hot dogs with our camper-neighbor friend.  New York City is shut down like much of the Mid-Atlantic.  As we cooked and ate prior to the impending days Jane and I will spend out of the rain in our little box, we heard three different trees break.  One far into the woods, eight inches in diameter.  Another just at the campground driveway 200 yards away snipped the power lines right off the telephone pole.  J and I went down, confirmed that no wires were hot (they were sheared clear off the pole), and cleared the driveway.

Casual lunch as Sandy slams the South

Casual lunch as Sandy slams the South

I made the difficult decision to impose upon our friend to take us out of camp.  This journey is temporarily inconvenienced by the absence of the truck. But I must place safety concern for Jane and I above the conveniences of camp here.  I also consider the Tramper to be irreplaceable at this time.

Just a few branches to clear our egress "just in case"

Just a few branches to clear our egress “just in case”

We now sit in town, in the middle of the Recreation Center parking lot several hundred yards from the nearest tree.  The storm is still impending, but here they expect ~2 inches of rain and 30-40 mph gusts.  We are safer.  the truck has been disassembled at Chilcott’s (they wouldn’t let me help).  And I was right, the head gasket is blown, only one cylinder had leaked, there appears barely any rung-groove, denoting little wear on the remainder of the motor.  The heads are at the machine shop with “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” instructions.  In a few days we may resume.  I may drive two or three small journeys nearby while under warranty to explore the repair before hitching up and leaving town.

The lonely little Tramper, far from any trees or limbs that could fall, ending the Voyage

The lonely little Tramper, far from any trees or limbs that could fall, ending the Voyage

Meanwhile we wait, read, and play a few games.  “Good thing Jane and I like each other.”

Wow…As I finished writing, Ken and Karl the Highway Supervisor informed us that the Rec Center has hot coffee and bathrooms available for us.  They deemed us Parking Lot Security, laughed and welcomed us heartily!


– David