DAY 72 – 11/25/2012 Museum Of Aviation, Robins AFB

Olivia gave David a cool atlas of US state maps. We use it daily. It’s the National Geographic Road Map: Adventure Edition.

Each state map includes state and national parks of course, but also features points of interest. On this trip, we have seen many dots for museums of planes, trains and automobiles on this map but so far, have passed them by.

We decided to stop in and see the Museum of Aviation on Robins Air Force Base outside Macon, GA.

My beloved stepson was a pilot in the Air Force and only recently left the service to pursue a career in academia. He has medals for his heroics during the Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts. We are very proud of him and his excellent service to the country (but we hope his own son, who’s only 4, stays out of the military!). Point being, we had a more than casual interest in military aircraft.

The grounds of the museum are huge. Many aircraft are on display and they are quite impressive!

We took lots of photos, so I made a slideshow (it has music so turn on sound):

– Jane

4 responses to “DAY 72 – 11/25/2012 Museum Of Aviation, Robins AFB

  1. Joan Jett..interesting choice!

    • Well… pilots are bad boys and girls, or think they are. I just couldn’t accompany the pictures with some sappy ultra-patriotic anthem. I support the troops and all that, but war really sucks!

  2. If you are marking a map (paper or digital), it wou be cool to see. Maybe you could add “where in the world” at the top of the page as a link and update the page periodically. Then again, maybe everyone else is marking their US placemat as they read your blog.

    • Good idea, Deb! Actually, I was thinking about doing a map of where we’ve been. Better to start now rather than when it’s all done. Hmmm, maybe I’ll provide a link to the appropriate blog entries for each location.

      – Jane

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