Quotes heard while “sleeping” inside the Camper

Look at this one.  That’s an old trailer.   -ye-ah; 50’s

Look at this little camp-ah.  THAT’s an OLD one.

daddy: Thers’s a camper.  small child:  That’s a nice camper.  That’s a nice camper.

Thats a regul-ah one they painted silv-ah.

Look at this one, isn’t it cute.

dad to kid: Look at this little camper, that’s an oldie.  kid:  yeah, cool!

drunken crowd:  look,  wow, look, (tap on side begin to knock on door), yeah its been to Yellowstone and Oregon (?)

little girl whispers to parents: there’s somebody in there

another crowd comes around, taps, starts knocking, Girls voice of reason: shh, shhhh, there are people IN they-ah,  another says: I’m gonna Parcours off that thing!

male: That’s what I want to live in.   female: Harold, that’s why we don’t live together!

young woman: Nice house!  No REALLY.  I just want to lay in there and listen to the rain on the roof.  So cool.

man in SUV: I want to do that with my wife.  She’s in a wheelchair so I’ve got some figuring to do.

Knock knock knock!  me: Yes,  knocking person: */@~*,  there’s somebody in there!

That thing is Bad-Ass!  I could live in something like that!

That’s an old camper,  Antique right there.

Look how old This thing is.  Its in good shape too.  Its like an antique.

Cute little thing.

– David

A glimpse og the 'rig', including emergency fuel and water along with the cargo roof box thanks to Jane and Craigslist

A glimpse og the ‘rig’, including emergency fuel and water along with the cargo roof box thanks to Jane and Craigslist

Most recently during a quick interior tour of some details, Jason: “you were a machinist!”

7 responses to “Quotes heard while “sleeping” inside the Camper

    • The majority of these were heard on Railroad Ave. in Keene either just before, during, or after the Pumpkinfest 2012. We began to feel self-conscious at times as crowds passed by and commented when we inside the Tramper. The Friday night party crowd was perhaps the funniest.

  1. Good stuff! Love the “accents”.

    Get that motor running, or work on a Plan B. Hurricane Sandy will be here the beginning of next week with strong winds, rain/snow…being called a “Perfect Nor’easter”.

  2. Thanks Doug. We’ve chosen a place, now all we can do is trust ’em. Bug ’em just a little, and appeal to their greater sense of decency. I’ve offered to work there for a few days to lower the cost. This won’t stop us, but may shorten the trip at the other end by a month or two.

  3. Doug isn’t kidding about theNor’easter. Rain and winds predicted in Rosendale from Sunday thru Thursday. If the 4runner won’t be ready by Saturday, you may want to rent a car or find a friend to drive you the 5 hours to Baltimore until it is ready.

  4. Who knew you guys were such great writers, such great journalists?! These blogs could be printed, unedited, in serialized portions in some national magazine. Really! You need a literary agent.

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