The post topic I love most is You!  the people we love, the people who MADE THIS POSSIBLE.  Yes, of course, I’m the one who rebuilt the camper and truck, sacrificed a bit, planned relentlessly and jumped into the gap with my lovely wife  Jane.  But people are behind us.  Here begins a partial list and I hope anyone who feels left out comments and gets posted.  First are all the sick patients recovering or not, without whom I wouldn’t have had a job.  I treasure the trust they placed in me every day as they stood (willingly or not so much), and attempted to walk again with my help.  Now, more concretely:  I found the Tramper in its moldy, shattered and neglected state on Craigslist in Delaware.  The seller was an entrepreneur named Chris who mostly collected the “more desirable” Airstreams from all over the country to sell mostly to Europeans.  He was gracious and neither over or understated what he had for me.  His 1957 Yellowstone that was “right up my alley”, he thought.  My long-time friend Joe rode along with me in a borrowed truck (from John and Melanie) as we wondered what we’d find.   I was prepared to abandon the prospect, put it on top of a U-Haul, or just drag it to Ocean City temporarily.

Yup, flat tires, no lights, mold, rot, but pretty cool possibility in my eyes.  (Another friend Ray who saw it on the maiden trial in Lykens, PA, said, “You’ve outdone yourself on this one-I mean I know you have a penchant for reviving old junk, but this really takes the cake!”)  I’m sure Joe thought I was insane as I rolled around underneath checking it out, rusty frame, cobwebs and all.  Temporary lights and Joe’s motorcycle trailer tag led me to believe I could sneak it home over the Baybridge.  (Glad I remembered to avoid the tunnel where propane tanks are restricted and scrutiny would have been likely).  Somehow we made it and Jane didn’t leave me after seeing it lumbering into our driveway.  (Although she wouldn’t step inside until way after I had cleaned it out….A LOT).


I will be posting lots of people as we travel; please respond, you are who make us!


2 responses to “People

  1. Charlie, reading over my shoulder, says “Is that Ms. Jane? Cool!”

    • Charlie, we sure do miss you. We don’t have many toys up here, but you’d be welcome to play. Did your dad show you the post where I remembered you helping me trace the floor and cut out the black and white checkered linoleum?
      – David

      Hi Charlie! We think about you & your family a lot. We hope you have a great Halloween! Stop & see Olivia and her roommates when you go trick-or-treating.
      – Miss Jane

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