Daily Archives: September 12, 2012

Barriers: “When are you leaving?”

Hope this doesn’t sound whiny…But, if anyone wonders why we can’t/won’t give an exact day for departure; think a little.  For a vacation, book a ticket, reserve a room, maybe stop the paper and find someone to feed the dog.  You’ll be back in a week, so some things don’t really matter.  We are trying to plan a year’s bills, empty our bedroom/prepare the house for another tenant, clear and organize the basement, clear David’s mother’s house (you know the rule; if you haven’t used it in 12 years, it is trash), finish the camper, create a home we’ll live in for months and make a 1995 Toyota reliable.  We had to stop working before we could really assault our to-do list in earnest. We have lists that started more than 2 years ago, they’ve been revised, transformed and nearly completed.  Last Friday the list had 15 tasks completed, 12 yet to do.  Now, Wednesday evening there are 5 to-do’s on the main list taped to the fridge.  (and I’m blogging instead of doing them!)

Fortunately we were saved tonight with a spontaneous friendly pie visit. We love spontaneous visits from friends.

The biggest laugh of the day came when this picture arrived in my inbox.  I spent 6 hours today clearing out more than 50 years of junk and lumber from the basement and under my mom’s porch.  And, fortunately, there was someone there to capture the scene in these photos.

…this one needs a bit of explaining.  15 years ago, a fox had a litter of Kits under the porch. In such a dry place the food remains mummified. The “skate-board” was yet another relic circa 1968. Perhaps the other question is who took that picture? David will never say…

There are clear instructions to “Not fill above the line”

– David