Daily Archives: September 10, 2012

The map of where we may go…

(I’m trying something new. Well, everything we are doing with the blog is new, so newness is relative here.)  We created a map to show some of the places we may visit on our Tramper Voyage. We have a nice paper map, with many little push pins.

It works well at home but this is a blog, so I used Google Maps to help create this lovely USA & Canada map. It might even be somewhat interactive. You know, with the little thingies that let you zoom and move the map.

It’s really not likely that we’ll be able to go to even half of these wonderful places in 6-12 months at our planned slow pace. The map is a good prompter for what we want to do and see. Structure, too, is good.  The “What by when?” question is easier to answer. Although we do already have the answers: What – have fun, be very active, meet nice people, see beautiful things, appreciate life while not on the clock. When – from the day we leave until the money runs out!