DAY 119 – 01/11/2013 Salida, CO – It begins to snow

The wind roars through the Arkansas Valley at the base of Monarch Pass where our little trailer sits.


Gusts up to 45 mph are predicted for this afternoon. Snow showers skitter through the fields, then whirl high in the air around the campground.

Here's our neighbor, the Livingstons. They're full time RVer's with 4 sons. Ages 10 to 2, I think. There blog is

Here’s our neighbor, the Livingston’s. They’re full-time RVer’s with 4 sons. Ages 10 to 2, I think. Their  blog is

The littlest Livingston, Mason. These boys sure are  fun!

The littlest Livingston, Mason. These boys sure are fun!

The temperature’s not so bad. In the 20’s. Last year on this day it was minus 29!

David will be heading off to ski soon. I’m hanging out in the Tramper today, recovering from a nasty cold.


It’s cozy in our little home. So far it’s only rocking only gently. I have no fear of being swept away. The trailer is extremely well-built and I haven’t lost that 25 pounds I thought I would on this trip, so we are anchored firmly to the ground.

– Jane

8 responses to “DAY 119 – 01/11/2013 Salida, CO – It begins to snow

  1. Ah….that’s why we’re in AZ. Our house is in Pueblo West along with the snow. If you’re up for a LONG day trip, visit Crested Butte. It’s beautiful in the winter, BUT cold……and grab some Camp 4 Coffee.

  2. We hope to be snowed in for a month here. But, we’ll take to the road, probably in Feb or March. Crested Butte is a possibility…
    – Jane

  3. So glad you found some little guys to help ease your Zealen/Parker withdrawal!

  4. Thanks for taking pics of our RV and our youngest, Mason. We are enjoying getting to know you guys! Gabe and David had fun taking 2 runs together while I sat inside with the boys warming up!

  5. Very cool. Or should I say cold. Glad it is cozy in the Tramper.
    And glad you did not lose 25 pounds. You’d blow away and you look great just as you are. Lots of people have been sick with either colds, the flu, or a stomach virus so take care. Today in Dallas it was 70 degrees and sunny but your weather is heading here soon.

    • 70 and sunny? Wow, how can you ski in that weather? Kidding! I would be outside all day! Thanks for the nice sentiment about weight loss, or, lack thereof. Losing weight is just one of the things that we thought we have lots of time to do on the Voyage. Along with polishing the Tramper and playing the flute every day…
      – Jane

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