We have Liftoff!

At about 7:15 on Saturday, September 15, 2012, we left home for our trip. Yay! Pants were sacrificed


7 responses to “We have Liftoff!

  1. Just go! No matter whether the trip is one week or one year, you will always have this experience together. And I love the “keep swimming” mantra. Have fun, kids.

  2. And so, the journey begins!

  3. Are you talking about David’s greasy oily dirty pants he wore to work on the tamper?

  4. Have fun! Hope to see you in a bit.

  5. Are the pants the greasy, oily, dirty pants that David always wore when he worked on the tramper?

  6. Yippee!! Enjoy the ride.

  7. vminichiello@gpstrategies.com

    you’ll never regret it. it’s going to be the best time of your lives. have a blast! hugs and kisses and see you when you get back!

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