Photo of the Week #9


The open road, leading far off into the distance.

A beautiful day.

“Everything you think you’ll ever need, sitting in the seat next to you.” – Butterfly Boucher

In February, 2013, we cross the Mojave Desert on Day 170 of The Voyage of the Tramper.

– Jane

5 responses to “Photo of the Week #9

    • Hi Ned!
      Trawling sounds pretty cool! It would be an interesting addition to our driveway
      – Jane

    • Re entry is a work in progress. we had our first holiday weekend trip (even brought the Tramper) to George washington National Forest…Mt biking heaven! But really, for me it would be a sailboat. PLus, I hate stripping paint so much, that I’d probably build a new one. I love the drawings, front and side views, keel and ribs. SO ORGANIC! Hmmm. Maybe I better start with a canoe or kayak project? ANyway, thanks for the link…always fun looking into someone else’s world. Maybe we better visit Zach while he’s in Costa R

  1. I like it…………

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