What did you think?

After posting the hurried “pants were sacrificed” and being unable to insert the picture at the slow McDonalds WiFi…we find ourselves wondering:  what did people think we meant?  Any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions before we add the “correct” photo to clarify that post?

-David and Jane

PS: we now have a 4G Hotspot and seem likely to start posting regularly again.   And, promise to include more of our own pictures from the past few wonderful days


By the way, in all of our packing, planning and finally leaving, we had our last departure gift of one more biopsy for Jane.  Our previous cell carrier lacked the service in the places we we’ve been traveling (and NOT blogging), but today I got a very important text from Jane’s Doctor.  THE PATHOLOGY REPORT SHOWED NO CANCER RETURN!  WE’VE BEEN JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!!!  (Pictures to follow soon after a good night’s sleep.)

3 responses to “What did you think?

  1. So happy for your good news! As far as pants were sacrificed, I had the image that somehow in all of the hurry to prepare the camper, there was an errant screw near the door, and David (I know women wear pants but somehow he showed up) got his pants hooked onto that sharp little friend and left a good piece of said pants (but not of him) hanging as a kind of prayer flag. So at that first rest stop, a few of the stoppers got a holy, holey view of someone’s posterior. Perhaps the rest site has been renamed, just like Vince Lombardi has his NJ Turnpike site, you, David, now have yours. Have fun! Thanks for sharing your news.

  2. Good guess above. I picture pants, of stronger material than other normal worn clothes, being needed for a repair. Pants were used instead of a proper repair and something like this was said, “I can pull out a tool box and delay us another hour, or use these pants and we’ll give it the proper care at our first stop”.

    Loving the updates!

  3. This is such wonderful news. As for the pants, I thought I was just too old to get the joke. 🙂

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