People, people…

In the driveway I began to see what I had done.  The next few people were consulted.  After MD State Inspection, I knew I had repairs to make.  Towing it to Al’s house we surveyed the rust, planned repairs, rolled out with patches in mind.  Rolled back under and out came the need to “just make a new frame”.  Then back to patches and thinking some more.  Then tow it to another old friend and previous boss.  John is a self-taught machinist, welder, business man and heck of a hard worker.  He too began to agree; “just make a new frame”,  steel is cheap.  Perhaps the biggest concern was having 20 feet of welding happening underneath the camper, inches from 50-year-old particle board.

Home it was towed again.  Planning, estimating, and a few second thoughts.  Al to the rescue!  I “Borrowed” a paved section of his driveway to cut bolts,  separate and raise the body off of the frame.  Knowing that if the body collapsed from its own weight, I would be cutting it all up as scrap.  It would either work or fail.  Al’s place was a long static pad for rest while I sorted out the old frame and its new plan.  His visiting dad feared mine was another friend’s project that would die in its tracks.


One response to “People, people…

  1. love your blog, trip and news of being clean of cancer! fun!

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