DAY 2 – 09/16/2012 Weiser State Forest near Lykens, PA

We giggled uncontrollably and we cried a bit in amazement that we were really, truly on our way! We were just plain awed that we had actually made this trip happen. So many dreams; so much planning.

With a few exceptions our driving goals are modest. 100 miles or so per day. Even more importantly, we’ll take the local route. The back roads. The 2 lane highways of old that connect one charming small town to another with parkland and farmland close up to us as we drive.

Two new friends at Lykens taking a look at David’s work on the 4Runner

Day 2 found us awakening in our little silver home, again incredulous that we were on our Tramper Voyage.

We had been to this place before. It was the site of many years of really fun mountain bike weekends called the Mountain Bike Bash put on by the folks of Rattling Creek Singletrackers bike group.

So, our first night out was in a beautiful familiar place that we already knew we loved. We missed Rick and Jill, the organizers of the weekend, but we saw Keith and Bill (otherwise known as Trainwreck. Don’t ask – we’re not sure why he has the nickname. He seems pretty well together to us!)


Lykens singletrack. Lots ‘o rocks. Lots ‘o bumbling to get over rocks!

I was still gimpy from my biopsy so David and Trainwreck took a ride on the single track followed by a treat called Trainwreck’s Upside Down Reverse Cantana


Made outside with a teeny battery-operated whipper, a teeny grater (for the chocolate on top) and a teeny press to raise the pressure to 100psi for the espresso! Starts out with the cream on the bottom, then it diffuses together.

Coffee drink prep

– Jane

6 responses to “DAY 2 – 09/16/2012 Weiser State Forest near Lykens, PA


    I feel like I am vicariously living through you on this trip. I love this newsletter and always look forward to it! I can’t believe that I won’t ski with the Kimosabe this year but I promise to do him proud. The kids start this year at roundtop if all goes as planned. You guys are the best and so dear to our hearts.

  2. Enjoy your amazing trip. I wish I could be with you on the east coast.

  3. We were so excited to hear that you had finally left, and we are looking forward to sharing your adventures with you through this blog!

  4. SOOOOO bummed we missed you! It really, really would have been nice to see you at your first stop. Keep posting! We love reading.

  5. Sounds like the beginning of an excellent adventure. Best of luck. Be safe. And enjoy


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