What was the best thing about the trip so far? “Questions while visiting home”

When we visited family and friends in Baltimore a local friend posed the question; “what was the best thing about the trip so far?”

While thinking about my reply, my mind whirled through visions from the “road movie”.  I thought about deep clear rivers, green forests, panoramic foliage, skies as blue as Sept 11 and  broader than I could turn my head.  I thought about the mountains I so love.  The roaring little creek where we beached the kayak and sat still and silent for twenty minutes (me too, really!) and cried at the beauty combined with the privilege to view it.  Then, before I spoke, I realized the greatest part.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrying not to sound perfunctory or patronizing I managed to form a sentence.  The best part is the relationship and flow that Jane and I have formed with each other and the Tramper.  Our symbiosis with every system is evolving as we create a system for every daily task.  We “really like each other” as an observer asked about spending time in the small space.  We LOVE each other these 14 years into our marriage.  In fact, this time has us closer than ever.  We do nearly everything together, 24 hours a day.  It feels odd to run an errand without the other. We like it!  We reeaally like it! (Jean-Philippe and Anne know how to pronounce that)

The systems requirement comes from the space and the road.  We just don’t have room to leave anything unfinished.  Every shoe, every type of clothing has a place now.  We are packed for 4 seasons, downhill skis, cross country skis, Mt Bikes, kayak, hiking boots all take up space and could be in the way.  We could each tell you how many shirts, long and short sleeve, pants, underwear and socks we have.  Daily tasks, sleeping, cooking, cleaning, changing, getting water,  all take on new meaning in this rig.  Monitoring all power use, solar gain, water use, food intake, money spent all create an awareness we hope follows us home.

How should we start our day?

How should we start our day?


The Earth is still very much alive and beautiful.  The skies and seas blue, and the myriad of beauty thrives wherever you look.  Leave the towns, get a mile off of a parking lot, look up and we are all still blessed with a miraculous universe and a world of wonder, mysteries and room for a curiosity that fills a life daily.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople are Wonderful!   There is kindness, help, warmth everywhere we look.  Even the places we weren’t looking.  Strangers all seem interested in the Voyage.  It seems every day someone is telling us they have a contact or friend further down our journey.  Today a “stranger” showed me pictures of his farm and home, opening his doors to us “any time we get out that way”.  I wish I could communicate the soft and wonderful net that is out there if you step away from the familiar.  This country is full of WONDERFUL PEOPLE!  Writing now I shed tears at the desperation I didn’t look at until we started away from our house. (traffic and daily news breed an underlying mistrust we keep under our surface, why else does someone blow up so easily at little things?)

– David


9 responses to “What was the best thing about the trip so far? “Questions while visiting home”

  1. We are in Greensboro, NC visiting friends. Great friends that we both love and admire!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDORable! Awww! The warm & fuzzy feel good factor went to a level 10 reading this! Trips like this can sometimes cause a disaster in couples or friends, but to read about how it worked and you felt closer than ever….well that just made my day!

  3. JoAnne, Our North Carolina hostess reminds us, now at day 60, we have about Three Hundred more days to go. Woohoo!

  4. I read a book by a newspaper reporter about biking across the U.S. He was amazed by how friendly, caring and helpful people were. I’m so glad for you that you just happen to be running into everyone he met. 🙂

  5. Rick and I can sooooo related to this post. We are each other’s best friends in the whole wide world. And I can couldn’t agree more on the beauty of the world around us. Folks just need to stop and look for a change.

  6. I just got up and the brain didn’t start working just yet… sorry for the strange typos and too many words on my comment above. Doh.

  7. most importantly…what the hell was jill wiest up at 3:45am for?

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