DAY 61 – 11/14/2012 – Greensboro, NC

While visiting our friends Bob and Joann and Claire and Sage in Greensboro, NC, David kept himself busy. The trailer needed the tires rotated. The tread has worn very thin already, but only on one side so flipping them on the rims will wear the opposite side of the tread. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess what we have is a max-loaded (3,400 lbs out of a 3,500 lb maximum weight) trailer causing the premature wear, but if anyone can make that kind of situation work for the next 4-10 months, it would be David. Buying another vehicle or redoing the trailer are not options that we can pursue right now, so, on we go!

Also on the to-do list for my busy husband was helping to repair the roof of our friends’ backyard shed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI should explain this frenzy of activity a little. David needs and wants to be busy, always. Leisure, for him, is not lounging or resting or reading but “getting things done”.  I always say that David has two speeds. Speed 1 = BUSY. Speed 2 = ASLEEP!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Tuesday, we rose early (OK, I rose early. David springs out of bed each morning at 5:30, excited about what the new day will bring! I’m a grumpy, lumpy mess until I get caffeine circulating) and helped out at the weekly breakfast at a Greensboro church for the homeless and hungry.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our Carolina friends are so cool, so together. They are the kind of folks that inspire me to be a better person; to learn more and to do more. However, intellectual conversations can be followed at any time by goofy, joyful, hippy fun.

Great family!

– Jane

Scout, the butter dog

Scout, the butter dog

4 responses to “DAY 61 – 11/14/2012 – Greensboro, NC

  1. RE: Grumpy lumpy mess until caffeine is perculating and circulating…

    I get it! This entry seems so familiar to me ;0)

  2. Ahhh, that pict of bacon is good enough to eat!!!


    🙂 wish we were there…….love these posts…..

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