Loose Ends, or – things we meant to post but somehow skipped…


I’m not quite sure how but Andrew didn’t show in any of the pics from our visit to Stagge’s in and around Augusta. So, I’m correcting that with this photo. Andrew is one month older than my daughter and is beloved by everyone because he is smart, funny and kind. He is carving out a life for himself and his wife and baby on a rural family ‘compound’ in Farmingdale, Maine. We’re proud of him and I’m so glad to show him off here. BTW – the sleeping angel he’s holding is my grand-niece, Grace. She’s walking now and bumbling into things – as evidenced by the ow-ey on her forehead. She’s also starting to babble and ‘reads’ books to herself. SO cute!


On a lonely logging highway in Maine called the Airline Road, we stopped for gas and postcards at a small cafe called Fox Hill General Store and Snack Bar. We spent a good deal of time here, blogging and sampling the excellent baked goods.

We chatted with the owner, Tina. She just opened the store very recently. A brave thing to do in such a wild place but she had customers coming in and out the entire time we were there. We bought some local potatoes and Mac apples, wished her well and were on our way.


Probably in the 1970’s my grandmother and her sister, Aunt Margaret, took a sightseeing tour of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The trip included crossing the Bay of Fundy, a Canadian natural wonder with extreme tide changes. I was never sure whether the tide changed caused the rough seas or if there was a big storm but the ship was tossed and rocking. Aunt Margaret was in the loo, which was entered by a door on the main deck. My grandmother waited at the rail outside. Suddenly, the ship lurched violently, tilting precariously. The door to the bathroom flew open and out skittered Aunt Margaret, panties around her knees. I’m sure she hoofed it back in as fast as she could but not before entertaining the onlookers.

For the rest of her life, my grandmother could not tell this story without dissolving into laughter, taking the rest of us with her.

– Jane

5 responses to “Loose Ends, or – things we meant to post but somehow skipped…

  1. vminichiello@gpstrategies.com

    Physically laughing out loud at the “aunt margaret” story!! My great grandfather was from St. John’s NB. the Scottish side came down to Boston from there. We visited twice to NB, once with my folks. Some of the happiest days of our lives. Loved Hopewell rocks and the wild tides. Feel like I’m there with you.

  2. My name is Sandy, hubby is Trey, and we had the pleasure of meeting you and working along side you today in Keene, NH…Your story just enlightened me, so cool, and such a breath of fresh air. I look forward to following your blog and your adventures. Truly hoping we get to see you both tomorrow at the Keene Pumpkin Fest, today was just a dress rehearsal, just wait….it’s really quite amazing to see the pumpkins all lit! And the people, our streets just fill right up, It’s just so neat to think that of all weekends you wander into Keene, this is the weekend that you choose! You couldn’t have picked a better time! Anyway, you’ll find us in the same location!
    Sincerely, Sandy Morelli

    • Hi Sandy – We are looking forward to seeing the finale of what you started setting up today! We’ve decided to spend the night in Keene so we can attend the festival tomorrow.
      Thanks for the kind words about us. Know that David & I really enjoyed meeting you and Trey and consider it a privilege to have been able to help out a little today.
      We know that our trip through Keene will be one of the highlights of our trip – because of meeting people like you!

      Jane & David Grant

      • Best wishes to you both as you continue your journey!! I am truly saddened that I didn’t get to see you today. I was trying to keep an eye out while I was there, Trey said you came back by, and I think one of my kids was there at the same time, I got distracted, and I didn’t even see you, so bummed. I had my camera ready, I wanted to get a picture with you guys in your Swamp Bat shirts, and more importantly to just say, Hi, to thank you again for yesterday, and find out where your travels were taking you next. You’re an inspiration!
        Truly, Sandy

      • Hi Jane and David! I am so bummed I missed you today! I can’t believe I didn’t see you when you were there, Trey asked me later if I had seen you, which I hadn’t. To be honest, I had my eye out for you both all day, hoping to see you again, say Hi, and thank you again for your help yesterday….You guys are such an inspiration for me! Best of luck on your travels! It was truly a pleasure meeting you both! Sincerely, Sandy

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