Photo of the Week #1


This is the first installment of what will be a weekly post. These photos are not necessarily the most beautiful, but the ones we think are special. For one reason or another.



This pic was taken in Moab, Utah. Almost every campground has a toilet or two. This one is unusual because it has no roof! Just the sky, day and night. You can use the facilities and admire the view, all at the same time.

I’ve had a shower outdoors; one with just walls, no roof. It’s quite lovely, as long as it’s not too cold. If you ever get the chance to shower without a roof, do it! It’s great.

A toidy with no roof? Not so much. But it does have better ventilation.

In preparing this photo, I noticed the handy safety bar next to the toilet. Ok, I know what the one next to the pot is for. But, how about that one in the back? Gets you thinking doesn’t it?

Jane & David

7 responses to “Photo of the Week #1

  1. I absolutely love this. I think that this is the best pic ever! Does make you think.

  2. This may be the photo of the trip! 🙂


    If you have a chance, don’t miss Bryce canyon. Totally amazing formations, very delicate. From my Utah days.

    • Vince – We felt we had to choose between Zion & Bryce b/c the 4Runner was not performing well! Bryce would have been an ‘out & back’ and Zion advanced us along our route so we chose Zion. We weren’t sorry – it was beautiful! We’ll visit Bryce on the next Tramper Voyage…
      – Jane

  4. Shower with no roof, reminds me of my growing years in the Philippines. Since we don’t have winter, open air shower was a blessing. And there is still a lot of those currently.

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