Good News!

We are celebrating! The frozen section done during surgery was NEGATORY for cancer! Whew!! Dodged a bullet on that one.

There are more pathology results to come but I believe they will also be negative since the frozen section was negative.

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. It means so much.

We leave tomorrow or Sunday. We’ll do a phone consult with the surgeon next week. I won’t be able to bike for awhile but I don’t really care ’cause I’m in the cancer-free zone! Woo hoo!!


– Jane

at the Rattling Creek Single Trackers’ Mountain Bike Bash a few years ago

10 responses to “Good News!

  1. Wonderful news!

  2. This result makes me so happy! You’ll have plenty of time to rest and recover on your trip – I’m sure you’ll feel great again soon! 🙂

  3. So so glad. We prayed for you tonight. Now let’s just hope for some great weather to start you off right.

  4. That IS good news – happy, happy. Love the picture… there’s a couple folks at camp muckleratz as I type. It reminded Keith of the 2nd year of the BASH. You should come up to celebrate today if you can leave a couple hours early.

  5. FANTASTIC! xxoo

  6. You go Jane! And I mean that figuratively and literally! Congrats!

  7. God’s blessings! I’m so happy to hear your news. May you have a happy, successful, and stress-free journey!

  8. What wonderful news!! Now you can head off with a smile on your face and in your hearts. Smooth sailing over all the bumps in the road!!

  9. Have a fun and safe trip!!

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