A few pics of The Tramper

The seating area turns into our bed – a bit smaller than a double. A neighbor said “I hope you two really like each other!”, since, I suppose, she could see that we’ll be in an itty-bitty living space for a while. Fortunately, we like each other very much! That light fixture is vintage, restored by David.

Here are a few pics of the (mostly) finished Tramper, before we load it with all our stuff. Many more details about the renovation and more photos of The Tramper can be found at www.goodoldrvs.com. Type in “David Grant” in the search box in the upper right corner. It really tells the story of just how much work David has put into this renovation!

Since I’m still in the steep upward slope of the learning curve on using this blog site and we have a million things to do to get on the road, there probably won’t be too many more posts before we go! But, you never know, I could get inspired…


Fridge Interior. We love food so we needed lots of room!
Vintage refrigerator. Restored by David. Powered by propane

Kitchen Detail with cute sink & faucet in background

Kitchen Counter Extension w/ LED light fixture. All created by David
Seating area detail

Sound System. Plays our iPod

Seating area


Vintage oven – refurbished by David

for more pics and more details of the renovation, go to www.goodoldrvs.com and type “David Grant” in the search box in the upper right.