Hello world, it’s Jane and David…

Here’s the first entry in our trip diary. We’ll post the story of our adventures here.

This is a photo of our home for the next 6 to 12 months.  It’s a 1957 Yellowstone that sleeps 4 and has a kitchen and shower. We named it “The Tramper” because of a slip of the tongue. We never did decide whether it was a “camper” or “trailer” and, more than once, our indecision came out as “tramper”. So, “The Tramper” it became and we hope what will follow will be fun and amazing!

5 responses to “Hello world, it’s Jane and David…

  1. This pic was my solo reconnaissance to test winter in the Tramper. I was in the Catskills at Belleayre Ski area and it was 12 degrees F; comfy!


  2. This is SOOOO cool. Can’t wait to read about the adventures.

  3. We saw lots of “scampers” on our trip out west, but really love “the tramper!” I’m so excited for both of you – what an awesome adventure it will be! Will you make it up into Canada?

  4. Hey guys,best of fun on your trek and dont forget Castine. Tom,Hallowell

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