How can I convey THIS…? ahh…ahhhh: The smell here

If I could project or download THIS place you’d share the bliss.  Day after day I am caressed by the floaty-light smell of Balsam Pine.  Or is it Hemlock, or maybe Tamarind.

I don’t know, but PineSol or one of those “Little trees” car deodorizers can’t touch it.   Amazing to me is that is wafts over me repeatedly; it’s new every time, a hundred or thousand times a day.  With sound, your senses will accommodate, set a new threshold and “not hear” baseline sounds.  Like acclimating to traffic or background noise.  At home even smelly smells get less bad, like paint or something.  you get used to it and don’t notice anymore.

Thank Goodness these smells keep overwhelming me.  There is no picture I can share.  No scratch and sniff nor smell-o-rama from John Waters to download.  I can only oogle,  awh,  and gush about how great it is.  WOW.  Even all capital letters cant express.  Seems every turn or crest of a hill brings a warm or even a cool breeze to celebrate.  Just when I forget how nice it smells….boom, there it is again.

WOW, It smells SO GOOD !!!

– David

5 responses to “How can I convey THIS…? ahh…ahhhh: The smell here

  1. Great post and pics wish I was with you

  2. I can’t believe that you don’t miss the smell of Towson!!! Miss you guys…alot!!! Love you.

  3. I love the pine tree smell- I introduced that smell to the kids this year when we went to NH for a couple weeks. They have been there before but this year, Tommy could appreciate it! We went out to Loch Raven in Sept and Matt remarked how nice the trees smelled and T and I remarked that it wasn’t like the Trees in NH though!! So glad you are having such a great adventure!!

    • Thanks! It’s really wonderful! We’re glad that the pine tree smell is not limited to New Hampshire and Maine but is also found in Maryland. Enjoy the Fall. – David & Jane

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