DAYS 8 and 9 – 09/22 to 09/23/2012 Stowe and Go

Doug and Huntly directed us to some awesome mountain bike trails right in Stowe called the Cady Hill Trails. Not all that long but definitely not for beginners! We had a blast. Here’s a trail map:

Don’t ask me which trails we went on. My usual riding involves desperately keeping up with the group. I just follow where they go! I do remember falling off some low bridges on the Bridgey trail.

We also went to Caroline’s soccer game. They won 4-0! Yay! The game was exciting plus we got to visit with Huntly and Doug some more. Here’s a photo of some team action:

the Stowe Raiders, in dark green

And here’s Caroline in action:

Just kidding, Caroline. You blocked everything that came your way but your team dominated so, not so much for you to do!

Caroline’s fans:

David, Jane and Huntly

– Jane

One response to “DAYS 8 and 9 – 09/22 to 09/23/2012 Stowe and Go

  1. Ahhh…two lovely blonds are with you, David!

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