A few nights ago, we stopped for the night along a deserted country road. no streetlights. No porch lights. No glow in the sky from any nearby city. It was a new moon night. Clouds covered the sky.

We got in bed and turned out the lights. This is what I saw: 

Couldn’t see a thing! Black. I’ve never lived in a totally dark place. There are always lights on somewhere nearby. At home, when my eyes adjust, I can make out the furniture in the room and my husband sleeping beside me. 

Here, I could see absolutely nothing. Just black. And I loved it! The old saying “Couldn’t see my hand before my face” had meaning here. I was experiencing the night as countless millions had done before me in darker (literally) times. So cool… 

– Jane

3 responses to “Black

  1. Welcome to the world I moved to. On a cloudy night I would get really anxious. Next time take a big spot light and shine it into the wilderness and sweep it around! You will not believe all the eyes that will reflect back at you! Good luck sleeping now!

  2. It’s beautiful… the darkness… and the quiet too. Just wonderful. Keep enjoying and soaking it up.

  3. Did that once, wanderered out of the tent to pee and became totally disoriented. Blundered into trees for 30 minutes and then tripped on a tent stake. Too embarrassed to wake up camp-mates. Never leave camp w/o a flashlight or humility.

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