DAY 132 – 01/24/2013 A Grand Day Out


Watch the above link to the official Website to hear the infectious melody for yourself!

Our “dear imaginary friends” Wallace and Gromit went to the moon once to restock their cheese stores.  They were greeted by the unusual guardian of the moon who became distracted by a SKI magazine.  It fancied itself a skier traversing the craters of the moon.  He looked like a wheeled  oven of sorts, but clearly enjoyed using those poles and sliding along with the greatest of ease.  The soundtrack music was captivating to us and frequently comes to mind as we slide on our own skiing adventures. “DAH Da Da DAH Da Da DA DAAAAH!”

As you may recall, we are easily amused and have great reverence for laughter of nearly any source.  Today, Monarch snow was firm.  Record warm temperatures, sun, and wind have sculpted open, smooth trails with actual ice on them.  In the East, this is routine and the Sno-cats Groomers are like Zamboni’s creating very usable surfaces.  Here, a 2 square foot patch of ice is somewhat remarkable, let alone some of these whole trail faces where there are vast sheets awaiting.


Asher taking off…Mark was out of sight. Pics of him when I can catch him!

But, when life gives you lemons-make lemonade!  Jane and I had one of our best skiing days just the same.  We got to share bits of it with our favorite neighbors.  Those boys love to bomb down that mountain.  They are showing off their turns quite a bit too as I’m sure they know I like to turn.  I can’t wait to do some more runs with them and maybe even do some human slalom:  Forced-turns!

Look-at Jane go!

Look-at Jane go!

Jane and I took to the smoother and softest possible groomers we could find.  Mostly the Blue runs off of Breezeway, and Panorama.  Jane is looking ever more centered and relaxed on her skis.  Something about skiing frequently and only for as long as you want to, is adding

Where to?  "Down" and kicking up snow all the way!

Where to? “Down” and kicking up snow all the way!


Most vacations are driven by my own usual desire to start when the lifts open and just go constantly until they close.  Some days brownies or Clif Bars replace lunch breaks to get maximum value and time on snow.  Here we do long,  AND short days.  We even take some days off; usually seems like a weekend day is a good excuse for a hike, but really this mountain is never actually “crowded”.



I have been working for the past two years to make both of my skis do “exactly” the same thing and leave perfectly even tracks, no skidding, staying the same distance apart.  Studying the tracks leads to the obvious disappointment that this is just not “possible” in an absolute way.  Jane asked why I am working so hard at this?

Tracks are hard evidence of what the body is doing.  Performing these moves at slow speeds on “easy” trails requires a subtlety.  With conscious practice, new moves are committed to reflex and will deliver the stance, power and balance at higher speeds on steeper slopes.  Yup, I am a ski nerd.  Biomechanics, motor-learning, PT, kinesiology are all out there all the time to aspire to.  I love refinement and it is actually lots of fun, not overly negating to see those wavering carved tracks…they are surely improving still.

Most importantly, though:  “DAH Da Da DAH Da Da DA DAAAAH!”

We continue to say WHEEEEE! frequently and LOUDLY!


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