DAY 55, 11/8/2012 Back on the ROAD!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are back in our groove.  The truck runs well, better than before.  The oil is as clean as honey having been changed 4 times now since our August purchase.  First was at home upon my greeting it to our fleet.  Next, was “early” at about 800 miles in Maine as a rinse-out treat still being a new vehicle to me.  Then because the head gasket blew, #3 was in Rosendale, NY.  Finally I did one extra in Towson to rinse out any water or antifreeze contaminants following the NY repair.  Silly me, now it can be at each 3000miles; but I sure hope its all enough…

More importantly here we go!  We drove South.  Southwest really, right through Harpers Ferry and down parallel to Skyline Drive.

A fearsome shark(dinosaur?). Don't worry, he's behind a fence.

A fearsome shark(dinosaur?). Don’t worry, he’s behind a fence.

Near Front Royal we turn South, but first a trip to Dinosaur Land.


A gaping dinosaur convinces Jane to stop for a photo

We might have driven up and into that beautiful ridge had we not delayed so long in the New York Fall.  Leaves are more abundant here, yet still brown-grey is a dominant color.  We see temperatures in the 60’s in Central VA and North Carolina, so Jane will be buffeted by gentle weather soon.

We detoured to a very nice county park to mountain bike with an old friend at Preddy Creek, VA.  The trails were well sculpted, following terrain lines around and lulling our ride at near the same elevation in a gentle 3-4 mile loop.  It is a multi-use example of how trails can support differing users and remain sustainable while still being great fun.  The older original trails there are noticeably different, some slashed by 4 wheelers with no regard to drainage.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese showed signs of erosion and will soon be addressed by the Mt bike volunteers.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll cities and counties could take a lesson from here or Franklin Falls, NH where bikers see trail work as part of the investment in their sport and health.

The end of the day prompted our next question: Where should we camp?  we drove South until fatigue was overwhelmed by better sense.  Stop soon!  Drove into Misty Mountain Campground where after hours check-in could have put us next to several “Rock-Star buses” (Big RV’s) for $34 per night.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot this time.  We don’t need water, electric or anything other than sleep.  We floated down from Rockfish Gap toward Waynesboro and landed in an abandoned school parking lot.

The school is available for lease or sale if you have an interest in this area.  We slept great.  I loved the first two or three trains that blasted their presence in the mid-night chill.  Somehow the other four or five were less romantic.  I did sleep very well through 7:30 and suggested this WiFi breakfast at Big Apple Bagels.

Preddy Creek trails

Preddy Creek trails

Oddly lost was the Big Apple frosty sales pitch; our cashier was warmly Southern as he greeted and oriented us as first time guests.  Even giving us the complimentary mini muffins with a true listening smile.

Jane and I find ourselves right back in the groove wondering and asking locals; where should we go tomorrow?

– David




We "camp" at an abandoned school

We “camp” at an abandoned school

8 responses to “DAY 55, 11/8/2012 Back on the ROAD!


    love the last comment……..ha! sounds like sweet times. camping next to the abandoned school strikes me as creepy but i’m not there so………..God bless and keep rollin’

  2. Manuel Gracialobe

    Hope all goes well… greetings from Bowie.

  3. I love the lead-off picture.

  4. Hi. Is it lawful to park on school grounds? I remember a policeman telling me that it wasn’t. What a disappointment. Maybe a piggely wiggely. It is comforting to know that your rig is right. You oughta take it on down to key west Fla. Check out sloppy joes.

  5. Ooo, it’s probably not completely lawful, Mike! There were not a lot of “NO TRESPASSING” signs so we went with it…
    – Jane

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