“Pants were sacrificed”

Our friend Doug was on task when he suspected the dirty pants were thrown away.  During the final hectic weeks before this Journey started, I worked “about” 52 hours on the truck while also working full-time at Sinai.  I would arrive home from patient care, slip into those dirty pants and grind away on truck preparations.  They were SO dirty once after the 90 weight gear oil of the axle, brake and bearing job that I wouldn’t even put them into the washing machine.   They served me well, practically standing upright in the corner between uses until the repairs were completed; Then as we packed the trailer, Pants were sacrificed.  Into the trash they went!


…in Maine, Andrew must have sensed my need for pants.  He and Hannah gave me a perfect pair of Carharts (also known as Cah-hahts).

7 responses to ““Pants were sacrificed”

  1. Susan Livingston

    Hello there! Glad you we were able to help you guys out the other day here at the Rosendale Library. Happy trails to you both!

    • Sue
      It was so nice of you and Wendy to work out the special loan arrangement. We just received the news this evening that our truck is finally ready. Thanks for your well-wishing. Hope you enjoyed our little blog and checked out Autumn in New York with pictures from Rosendale!

  2. You should have sealed the pants in plexiglass and framed the 🙂

  3. Good luck, God speed. J Shields 46303

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