Found: Funky Asian Store in Massachusetts!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIsn’t she beautiful? She lives in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. In the Berkshires. Her name is Kwan Yin. She’s the Buddhist goddess of compassion. Some representations of this goddess show her with a thousand arms and a thousand heads – the better to provide mercy and protection to all people.

So, the many branches from her head is an apt way to portray her. And, she makes a way-cool garden sculpture! She would look so beautiful in my garden back home. One can never have too much compassion and mercy in their lives, eh?! But, that good karma doesn’t come cheap. She’s $2,300.00 worth of mercy. So, unless we win the lottery, she won’t be gracing my garden. The cost and the chains attaching her to the fence are the only things preventing her from being strapped onto the back of the Tramper right now!

But, she was fun to see. The store where she lives was closed the day we saw it last week. However, it looked like a good bit of the inventory was outside on display. The store’s called Asia Barong and they have a dragon! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey also have a website and Facebook page, should you have an interest.

We are still in the Creekside Campground in Rosendale, NY, waiting for Frankenstorm Sandy to blow through. Not to mention that our 4Runner is still in the shop. So, I started looking through the bazillion photos we’ve been taking and found these shots of the lovely Kwan Yin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was the 18 foot dragon that caught our eye, but there was so much other cool stuff:

– Jane

Didin't catch this guys name. He was too busy with all those kids!

Didin’t catch this guys name. He was too busy with all those kids!

Another Kwan Yin

Another Kwan Yin

Hmm, nice lion. And, he's on sale!

Hmm, nice lion. And, he’s on sale!

Your choice of giant Buddha head, handmade wooden tea house or custom-forged gates and fences

Your choice of giant Buddha head, handmade wooden tea house or custom-forged gates and fences

–  Jane

4 responses to “Found: Funky Asian Store in Massachusetts!

  1. That dragon is awesome! (Conor)

  2. Thanks Conor! we thought you’d like this place too! We seen lots of things and sights you love. (Sorry about the “two n’s, when I spelled your name in the letter)
    – David

  3. Wow … funky is right!

  4. Man that place is excellent. What a cool place to wait for your toyota. The storm is here now and I am hunkered down in Ricky’s traction room. At least it is quiet and private. They made us stay. That is okay. Paid to sleep. I am very grateful. Your pics of Jane riding down the hill were beautiful. I hope all is going great. I hope that you have ground anchors and strong ropes. I am praying for ya.

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