DAY 15 – 09/29/2012 The Maine-ahs

That’s “Mainers” with a down east accent!

After a pleasant travel day, we arrived in the Augusta area to visit with family in Sidney (brother Bob, nieces Rachel and Amanda) and Farmingdale (nephew Andrew, his wife Hannah and our little adorable grand-niece, Grace).

Darling Gracie having her fav snack – Cheerios!

At the Harvest Fest, looking at silly Mommy in the rabbit cage

On the way to Augusta, we put in the Connecticut River for a short kayak. (see David’s description, below) Actually, a short paddle is about it for us. We stay close to shoreline to observe the animal and plant life and enjoy the scenery. Biking and hiking are long, strenuous and glorious but kayaking is relaxing and slow.

In Sidney with my brother Bob, we visited and played a fast game of Beatles Monopoly. Fast, because the Ravens game was on! Funny how our Maine relatives are much, much bigger fans of the Ravens than we, the Baltimoreans are.

Rachel, David, Bob (hmmm, he’s not really insane. Just poses that way for a pic!) and Amanda

I so love visiting family. It’s so warm and nice. Feels like home. I find myself wondering why we aren’t up here 3 or 4 times a year. Life is happening, that’s why and as David would remind you, it’s a busy sport. That’s what’s so great about the Tramper Voyage. We can travel and do fun things but also we can spend time with people we love.

Hannah gives David a much needed haircut

Hannah and Rachel at the Harvest Fest

Grace’s grandma, Marty, with David. I think she looks quite happy holding the baby!

– Jane

Bridge over the Connecticut River

We hear the Connecticut River is tidal, but had yet to confirm that from where we were at the VT/NH border along Route 2.  The bridge was a steel truss, a character laden and rusty old thing.  We parked at a Valero gas station where long, empty logging trucks sat.  A dirty grey gravel lot, but we saw it dip in one corner toward the river.  Sure enough there was a boat ramp, not paved until the last 30 feet into the river.  Of course all we want for a kayak is the sandy beach found next to the ramp.  Dark and clear the river was smooth with a just-detectible current Southward.

Almost mirror-smooth Connecticut River in New Hampshire

We paddled North for 20 minutes or so.  It was cloudy.  We felt guilty just driving so we were happy to get out and “do something”.  Odd that today we saw no birds, no fish jumping or any other sign of life.  The road crew onshore barely gave a glance as we finished tying the boat on the roof of our hard-working 4Runner to get back on the road.

– David

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