DAYs 10 and 11 – 09/24-25/2012 – East Burke Vermont

Travel, by nature, means we have to leave places to get to new ones.  Leaving family in Stowe was not easy.  Although each person or family we visit, will in some way, sigh some amount of relief as they get to go back to their rhythm and get things done again, or get a little more sleep.  We do get interesting quotes:  I’m jealous, or, I want to do that trip-I can homeschool and come along!

As we contain our “leaving” sadness there always seems a sight or prospect of future fun.

Leaving a high Vermont pass in early morning, blue sky above, but headed into a Valley full of clouds (we promised everyone a “Pretty day was coming” as the fog burned off)


Map highlighted by someone with a little more stamina in her “2 hour ride” than we Southerners

The name seems to come from the Northeast Kingdom.  This cooperative Mountain Bike Area gets rights from private property owners and “snowmobile clubs”.  The map boasts >100 miles, but what I found is Something for Everyone.   Imagine you like to ride your bike in the woods.  What would you look for?  Some would want gentle, smooth trails meandering near a brook throu

This one is smooth and inviting

gh meadows near farms.  Some would want a MountainDew commercial with berms, jumps, gaps, walls, and features abounding from the top of a ski mountain to the wrist-pounding bottom.  While others would seek classic twisty-turny single track leading along topographical features with a few bridges, roots and rocks mixed into interesting spots along the way….

WOW, my two favorites were “Burnham Down” and “Tap and Die”.  I took no pictures of either because all I could do was say WEEE,  WEEEEE,  like the little Geico pig.  (I know, You either love him or hate him).

Suffice to say, once we start working again, we will vacation in the Kingdom Trails.

Perhaps the highlight of each place is the stories and people we meet.  Tom and Berryl are a couple we hope to see again.  Their Ellsworth Tandem has enough technology I’m sure we can talk about as long as we oogled the tramper this morning.  Tim and Maggie were gracious hosts as they let me tag along on trails like “Coronary” and “Coronary Bypass”.  Both plied uphill with the ease you might expect from veterans of this place.  We hope to see them in Maine…

– David

3 responses to “DAYs 10 and 11 – 09/24-25/2012 – East Burke Vermont

  1. I believe Donna and Brett Weiser (the folks you just met at Weiser two weeks ago) were there and loved it also. I hear there’s a LOT of nice riding.

  2. What a beautiful picture. I have been up with two babies since 5am, trying to convince them to go back to bed… thanks for this.

  3. We’ve been there twice! Stowe and Kingdom are both tremendous places to ride! Really enjoying following along with your travels!

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