Photo of the Week #5


All together now…  “Ewwww!!”

Just exactly what is this? Mummified squirrels, of course!

Followers of this blog from the very beginning may remember this photo. I know I will never forget it!

We dragged these squirrel remains from beneath the front porch of David’s family home. Before we left on The Voyage of the Tramper, we did a little clean up. We also found the homemade skateboard, circa 1968, under the porch. Anyone remember making their own skateboard as a kid?

These three items just naturally seemed to go together, hence the bizarre tableau.

Enjoy! Or gag. Depending on your reaction…

– Jane

5 responses to “Photo of the Week #5

  1. Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

  2. That is an original skateboard, built one exactly like it in the same era. Stole one of Pirie Wood’s skates, her brother was involved. Used a longer deck but it was still unstable and we were totally into downhill alley to street runs. As to the squirrels, they look familiar, the front one may be Jimmey..

  3. Forget the mummies—Oh good lordie–I was wondering where MY handmade skateboard went…David!! hahahha

  4. I’m wondering why the flies and beetles didn’t consume these litte beasts.
    What was it about the enviroment under the porch that caused then to be so preserved??

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