Hmmm, Noticed a very funny thing this morning…

Yes, a very funny thing to me.  Its cloudy, drizzling and nice to be comfy in our little Tramper.  Tin roof, rain tink-tinking at times.  The funny thing unique to this trip is Orientation.  At home my house ALWAYS faces the same way.  the street is always out front, patio and garage out back.  I can call out directions by neighbor names (Rick and Nancy’s vs Joe and Kyra’s).  Here I get “almost dizzy” when the curtains are drawn because every day we face a different way.

I believe there are cultures where people always orient their bed in a cardinal direction.  Maybe now I know why?

– David

2 responses to “Hmmm, Noticed a very funny thing this morning…

  1. Waking in the morning is interesting, too. Not quite sure where I am at first! But, it’s great to be in our cozy home that you made, David.
    – Jane

  2. We typically find spots, even when camping and traveling, that are oriented N-S to park/set up tent/sleep…go figger?

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