DAY 5- 09/19/2012- Adirondacks


Pancakes with Maple syrup were in order.  The sky is clear blue with piercing morning light.  Today will be fun.  90 miles of 40mph beauty led us to more surprises.  We picnicked at a river and upon looking upstream found a great smooth place to paddle.  Jane and I are water-weannies and just like to be on placid water for an hour to see the sites and look for birds or whatever.   A short, narrow portage led us to West Canada Creek at a confluence that had been used to run logs over the years.

Beautiful West Canada Creek




Later Jane mentioned Gore Mt. was near, so I turned into the access road.   I convinced Jane to take a little walk up the Mountain.  We went about a third or halfway straight up the gondola then walked down some nice green trails back to our heavy little home.

– David


One response to “DAY 5- 09/19/2012- Adirondacks

  1. Gore Mt. was one of my favorite places to go snowboarding when I was growing up in NY. You guys are near my home town region (Dolgeville, NY) let me know if you need a hook up and I can make some calls. -Jason

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