It’s Never Easy, Is It?

Oh crap! Crappity crap crap crap!

Cancer, or, the threat thereof, has reared its ugly head again. Tomorrow, I get a biopsy of my left clavicle to see if there’s a lesion. I had a skiing accident on January 20 of this year and my orthopedic oncologist isn’t completely happy with how it’s healing and wants to be absolutely sure that the clavicle doesn’t have a metastasis. We’re leaving as soon as we can whether or not the result is in. If the news is bad, we’ll come right back home to get treatment. If the news is good, well, we haven’t wasted any time.

A short background: 2 days before Christmas in 2009, we found out that I had breast cancer. 2010 was a blur of chemo, radiation and surgery. Late 2011 and early 2012 brought more surgery for reconstruction. In the middle of the reconstruction process, I got slammed into on the ski slope and broke my collarbone. (One broken bone in 30+ years of skiing is not so bad!)

I thought my doctor visit this week was going to be a quick sign-off that all was well. Not so. Rats!

Here’s one thing I know: No matter how afraid I am, no matter how stressed out I become over this, it will not change the outcome. So, I haven’t lost any sleep. I’m still preparing for the trip but squeezing in some pre-op tests.

It’s crappy that we have to go through this, but our plan remains unchanged. Tomorrow I go in for the biopsy and then, in a few days, we’ll be off on our adventure and, god willing, we won’t be coming back until the money runs out!

– Jane

14 responses to “It’s Never Easy, Is It?

  1. We will be praying that all your tests come out clean and you can continue on your adventure. I have enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. Thinking all the best thoughts for you for tomorrow, and for your tramping voyage!

  3. Oh crappity crap crap indeed! I’m picturing you leaving, everything fine, not coming back til the $$$ runs out, a long time from now!

  4. You will also be in our prayers tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful & safe trip! I can’t wait for all of your stories & pictures when you return! 🙂

  5. I’ll be praying for you Jane…You are an amazing woman with incredible strength! Positivity!!! Love you both, Huntly

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Praying you receive only good news and the tests will only serve to put your minds at ease. Happy journeys either way.

  7. Good luck today with your biopsy! I will be thinking about you today. Have a safe and fun trip!!

  8. So many people with positive attitudes pulling for you…all will be fine I’m sure. Have a great trip.

  9. You are in my thoughts today.

  10. hoping all is clean and clear, and off you go!

  11. Bob and I are praying for you Jane, and holding you in the light….good vibes being sent your way.

  12. Darn it:-(. I’m praying for a positive outcome for you guys! You deserve nothing but positivity so imthrowing out in the universe

  13. You always have positive thoughts and thats more than half the battle when it comes to the “c” word – combined with prayers from friends and family, hope to read good news soon.

  14. Anne Frances Martin

    Holding you both in my prayers. May there be miracles abound and may your road adventures nurture you both on the deepest levels.

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