Sleeping With The Dead… 12/22/2012

Another first for us: we spent the night parked in a cemetery! And it wasn’t at all creepy. It was quiet and dark, far enough from the main road. Full of people, yet no one bothered us.


Our destination was Big Bend National Park. We stopped in the tiny town of Marathon, TX. It was late. Sunset was an hour ago. We saw the sign pointing to the town cemetery and decided to take the advice of the RVer we met back in Sopchoppy, FL.

Nervous at first, we parked and put up the foil/bubble/foil window shades David made to block our interior lights (and for warmth in the winter). A dog barked in the distance but soon settled back down. Headlights on the road far outside the cemetery came and then went, passing us by.

Soon, in the cocoon of the Tramper, we settled in and slept that night like the residents all around us.

Sunrise view from the cemetery

Sunrise view from the cemetery

We vowed to do this again. It’s free and, so far, easy. The downside? Well, it is “stealth” camping so I don’t get to indulge my interest in examining old headstones.

In the morning, we packed up and drove out of the cemetery at first light.

Luckily, Marathon recently got Internet. We stopped at a yummy cafe for breakfast and WiFi before hitting the road again, bound for Big Bend.

Cafe in Marathon, TX

Cafe in Marathon, TX

David tried a Chicken Fried Steak for breakfast!

David tried a Chicken Fried Steak for breakfast!

– Jane

11 responses to “Sleeping With The Dead… 12/22/2012

  1. Merry Christmas and God bless you!

  2. I was in Big Bend in 1989. First time I hiked at above a mile high. Have a very Tramper Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas David and Jane. Sounds like you are having a wonderful journey. By the way, Lisa Kamann’s due date was today but she was back at work as usual. She just hopes she won’t go into labor for christmas. Her mom is flying in from florida tonite.
    Paula -6 east.

    • Thanks so much Paula. Great to hear from you! We think about Sinai sometimes and look forward to work again “eventually”. What a big country it is. We were remarking recently at how big Texas is. Then this morning I added the “dots” to the map since New Orleans…wow, We Have Come a Long Way! Stay well,
      -David (Kinda wish I could cover that 6th floor maternity leave, but we’ll still be on the road…)

  4. Pretty photos! Yes, the dead make good neighbors, I can attest to that, too.

  5. My favorite cementary!

    We can’t believe you ate the whole thing! Chicken fried steak for breakfast that is. It was fun to meet you both. We were at the table next to you at Johnny B’s. Sorry we missed you in the basin but perhaps our paths will cross again someday. Meanwhile I will follow your blog for a bit and see if I need to follow suit. lol. – Cathy

    P.S. Glad you made it up to Emory Peak. Cameron did . . . but I did the Lost Mine Trail that day. Still . . it is all good!

    • We were thinking about you both. We even hiked out past the lodge and cabins. The Terlingua Cemetery is pretty cool too, except the piles of rosck are creepy. Like maybe everyone was too lazy to dig those days. We’ll be in Salida CO for Jan-Feb or so. then on to some canyons or other.
      – David

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