DAY 96 -12/19/2012 A Scots Treat, still at Rocky Hill Ranch, Smithville, TX


The Rocky Hill Ranch bathhouse and registration center. Long previously a bar and grill, now the perfect place to finish a ride (Food available on weekends only).

After yesterday’s good ride and a Curry Chicken supper with J-P in our “kitchen” Jane and I settled in for a quiet night’s sleep up on the hill at Rocky Hill Ranch.  The tent sites looked nicer, had trees, were further from the road and were just plain nicer than the field where they put RV’s during busy race days. Tonight, there was no one but us in the campground.


We slept hard, Mt Biking hard!  Awoke and had a casual breakfast before preparing to leave for points West.  I decided to have one more shower at the bath-house despite the dark,  as the power was turned off.  Into the lot pulled a small car.  Out hopped a fit young man, surely ready to do a ride here, maybe awaiting a meeting with another or a group.

I greeted him and was blessed by his wonderful Scotch Brogue and one of the nicest guys you could meet.  He’s really straight here from offshore oil in Scotland, now in Houston with his family for work.  Inside I was wishing I was about to start a ride, but Jane and I had perused the map and had our loose plans in mind.  Another rider appeared, getting ready to mark a course for a qualifying race, who didn’t seem to have much time to explain the trails or lead Robbie the Scot around at all.

Jane selflessly chimed in, “You need to take another ride David”, “You need to ride with Robbie”…  I tried not to sound too overjoyed as I made sure Jane had a book and all she needed while I spent a few hours.  With a big smile and hug, she gave her blessing and off we went.  I showed Robbie some of the best trails Jean-Philippe had shown me the day before.

We two traded leads on those hardscrabble trails.  The smoother windy bits were a joy as well and we ended up riding back onto the North end of the property right off of the map.  As we guided our way back in, trails like Tris Cross and Longhorn wore us down.  Climbing the last few hills before finishing, I announced “right after we crest this hill or the next, we’ll see the parking lot”.  I’m always so relieved when I know the end is in reach.   After about three hours on a bike you need to be in a an energy conservation mode.  Concealing my fatigue, I was crawling out under my long-ride mantra and shared the thought with Robbie: “Never sprint-never brake”.


That is my favorite way to connect to a new friend.  Perhaps in a few years I’ll give a shout to Robbie while visiting Scotland.  I hear it’s nice there.

– David

Robbie is a great new friend! If you’re reading this now, Robbie, I hope I don’t embarrass you by saying that your accent is marvelous and I could listen to it all day!

Robbie has a beautiful family, with two adorable little girls. He shared their picture with us. I hope, someday, we might meet them, too.

– Jane

3 responses to “DAY 96 -12/19/2012 A Scots Treat, still at Rocky Hill Ranch, Smithville, TX

  1. Here we go, you two–hold on to your hats–Christmas week is here! It’s chilling down and extremely windy here today…solstice is bound to bring this change in weather!

    Jane, when can we skype or talk on cell over the holiday week? Let’s make a date for our Christmas/New Year Tea and Chat (fyi after 9:00 p.m. is free on my plan). Christmas week is as exhilerating for me as a mountain trail bike ride is for both of you! Merry Christmas

  2. David and Jane, I understand that skyping may not be the easiest thing to do with the type of schedules that the driving route determines…we’ll play it by ear/

    • Hi Di! We found a cafe with WiFi in the middle of the desert! I would love to Skype with you soon – this week would be great. I’ll keep you in my mind when we have Internet in the Tramper. As to Christmas Week and your joy in it – I find joy in that week too. But, I have to say that this year, with very little present buying, no wrapping, no cards, no decorating and no baking has been quite refreshing. Although, I am looking forward to being at home for Christmas – next year!

      – Jane

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