DAY 81 – 12/4/2012 Cedar Key, “another suggested stop”


As we reluctantly waved goodbye to our hosts, Zealen asked; “why do they have to go”?

Zealen with Alex & Daria

Zealen with Alex & Daria

Its so hard to leave the familiar and known love.  We always try not to overstay our welcome (and in this case pray we didn’t leave our colds behind).  We leave because we are traveling, we seek our road rhythm.  Boy, its hard to leave when a four year old wants you to stay.

Our next two plus hour drive stretches to nearly four. But as we started heading for any “green on the map” we focus on getting to Cedar Key.  A delightful cat owner neighbor on Jekyll Island had said “it’s nice there” and cat owners are reputable sources for this kind of information.  So we took our chances driving to a campground without a reservation once again.  Bruce at Sunset Campground, Cedar Key, FL greets me at about 7 PM and asks if I mind “just parking and using Scout’s Honor” to register in the morning.  On my honor…

The MilkyWay makes an appearance.  Through whatever combination of preoccupation, city lights or temporarily ignoring the environment, we haven’t seen the sky for days.  Life IS like that…we chug along noticing whatever we’ve chosen as pertinent and see nothing else.  Ever notice how prominent telephone poles and wires look in pictures sometimes when you barely notice them in life?  At least that is a good function of our selective attention.

But I digress.  I can’t see any constellations, there are too many stars in between.  The night is a peppered canvas in every direction.  The Milky Way splashes dramatically right through it all.  Jane and I meet a fellow camper via his small Schnauzer with a fresh haircut, and even rapt in his storied Western travels, BOTH of us notice a shooting star off over his left shoulder!

Later we fed ourselves, and wandered to the water’s edge for more joyous sky.  By the way, we were wearing shorts and t-shirts embraced by the balmy Florida evening.  Crickets abound and chatter in every direction.  My first flashlight aimed at the water triggered an equally abundant and multi-directional chorus of splashes and movement.  Unseen fish or bugs or bug eating fish were on the move.  Scanning the cove scared a roosting bird, so I quickly doused the light again.


The natural fisher, no net required…


– David


Peilcan flying lessons

So many choices...which fish should we order today?

So many choices…which fish should we order today?

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