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Where is the Tramper Now?


While rebuilding that “old camper” and dreaming of a voyage, we accepted a built-in apology for the inconveniences of having a big trailer in the driveway.  Carrying tools, insulation, appliances and materials through the narrow and bushy passage was just part of the job. But after returning home from The Voyage to unrelated jobs, car maintenance, home and woodworking projects  (knowing the first voyage was over and we had to adapt to life at work) there was this behemoth in the way.  I love the Tramper, but while it waits for who knows how long til the next journey, we had to come up with a solution.  Storage is expensive at commercial lots, and sealed-up places can get dank, buggy and moldy.

An earlier blog post showed the narrow squeezed passage to the workshop and prompted input from friends.  Mike in Mt Airy said, “You can keep it here”.  Wonderful, less than an hour away, we could access it off of I-70 if we planned a little trip.  Thoughts of storage covers, mouse proofing and freeze proofing came to mind.  But the thought of The Tramper becoming “just another stored old camper”  in a field along a highway was none too comforting.

Then Dru contacted us and made another great offer.  She and her husband Homer, tend an organic farm and CSA in nearby Pennsylvania.  Dru writes a very entertaining blog, all about life on the farm. Click HERE to visit.

Their farm operation is fertile with innovative ideas about how to grow things better as well as yummy, chemical-free food.  The offer for Tramper berthing included allowing Interns at the farm to stay in the Tramper.  It started sounding better already.

The Welcoming Committee!

The Welcoming Committee!

We’ve been meaning to get “up the farm” to visit for a while now and mutual benefits are always attractive to us.  Besides, Homer is a craftsman and creative handyman like someone else I know.

Here's Dru in the Hoophouse. Caught you with your eyes closed! Sorry, Dru!

Here’s Dru in the Hoophouse. Caught you with your eyes closed! Sorry, Dru!

The delightful home I created in the Tramper will be better off “lived-in” than sealed off and musty for months or years.  The principles of simplicity, small and comfy living will blend with solar-powered, self-contained homes and surely find a good audience and exposure on Sunnyside Farm.

In place and waiting for guests!

In place and waiting for guests!

Such a good temporary home for the Tramper!

Such a good temporary home for the Tramper!

Visit the farm here:


– David

Photo of the Week #11 – The Mysterious White Van

You remember the White Bronco, don’t you?  You know – O.J. Simpson’s getaway car? Nineteen years ago this week, the White Bronco entered into infamy as OJ tried to flee. He didn’t escape his fate. Not then, anyway. He actually did escape his fate later, though, during the ensuing trial. By being found not guilty of the murder of his wife and her boyfriend. Now, in 2013, OJ has a sad little life. In jail, awaiting a judgement on whether he can have a new trial for a mess he got into in 2008 when he was found guilty of breaking and entering.

Enough about OJ. He’s not really worth any more words. But, our Photo of the Week #11 is!

Day 176 of the Voyage of the Tramper 03/05/2013

Trailhead – Zion National Park, Utah


Another notable white vehicle. Not a white Ford Bronco. A white Ford minivan. And, not infamous, just interesting.

A Google search of  “White Minivans Against Oppression” turns up nothing at all. So, we think it’s a just a bit of wordplay that doesn’t mean anything. A gently sardonic phrase meant only to adorn the side of said white minivan. Painted on there by an artist with absolutely no respect for the sanctity of the American minivan!

Here’s a couple of shots of more good art on the van:


Thanks, minivan artist, for some interesting pics!

– Jane