Photo of the Week #4


August 29, 2005 – Hurricane Katrina

September 17, 2005 – Hurricane Rita

Twelve and a half years ago, these two storms gave New Orleans a double-punch of hurricane winds and water.

In December, 2012, this photo was taken. What happened to the folks who lived in this house? Where are they now? Will this house be rebuilt or torn down or simply decay in its abandoned state?

Just one block from the levee, surely it was inundated. More than a few times. It’s a miracle it still stands at all.

Such were some of the sights seen on the Voyage of the Tramper.

– Jane

2 responses to “Photo of the Week #4

  1. great photo

  2. Ned
    Thanks! This one has haunted us for awhile. Funny how long the brain holds onto the implications from a simple image. Cameras sure are cool! Every little detail, often a few unseen at the scene, later arrive to be considered.

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