Photo of the Week #2



Seen on a gray day at an auto salvage & steel scrap yard on the Navajo Nation Reservation in northeast Arizona.

Very eye-catching. These metal workers are artists and comedians! May they ever be thus…

– Jane & David

6 responses to “Photo of the Week #2

  1. We think of you often; you old bird! Your eye for light and shadows too would be fun to have along. When’s the next camping trip? I wanted to go in that place and find a manual transmission for Marfa, but didn’t want them to get their talons in her.

  2. Like this a lot. spend a fair amount of time in junk yards and like the people but haven’t seen too much recognizable creativity. The guy I usually buy from is blind, does a great job on parts assessment but if his cash drawer is screwed up, really appreciates if corrected on wrong change. He knows me by voice alone and still try to beat him down on the parts. It’s an odd relationship.

  3. There is something very “ethereal ” about this, but I am not sure what. 🙂

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